Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Oakley Creek Cloze Exercise

Oakley Creek
School Journal Level 4 October 2015

I woke with a strange feeling in my belly. I’ve never _____lied________ to my mum before, so I feel scared – but I’ve never been to Oakley Creek before and I feel _______ excited _________. Destiny had it all planned - where and when we should meet. She filled me in with who was coming, but I barely listened. I knew it would be the kids she hung out with, the ones I am not supposed to be ______ Friends___________ with.

I get out of bed, and dress in my ________swimming________ gear and pull my T shirt and skirt on over them. I _______ stash_______ my towel at the bottom of my school bag. The face in the mirror looks the same, but I feel __________different _________. I had told my mum that I was going to school. She thought it was weird me going to school on a Saturday.

After doing my ____chores ____________ I said goodbye to Mum who was hanging out the washing. She suggested she come too, so she could talk to my teacher, but I told her no. She would make me late.

As Destiny and I round the corner we can hear shouts and splashing. The _____eel_________ have beaten us there. All morning there is only us, and it feels good. We have just finished lighting a fire to cook the _____eel_________ Liam stabbed with a stick when I hear a familiar voice. It was Miss and with her were Mum and Jonah. They are looking down at us, Mum’s face tight, and my heart stops.

I snatch up my towel and bag turning away from my friends. I’m not cool, I’m in big _____trouble_____. On the way back Miss explains that Mum and Jonah walked to school after all and Miss happened to be there. Miss doesn’t _______growl _______, and so far Mum hasn’t said a word. Miss told me it might not feel like it right now, but I’m lucky. My mum _______cares______ enough to come looking for me.

swimming               chores trouble               lied different eel            excited growl stash        boys cares friends

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Maintenance 10/5/2018

Name:Marco Date:10/5/2018

Today I played this math's game on algebraic.I think it was a bit fun trying to find the right answer for the equation.But there was this one stage when I lost track on got the wrong answer.The game as based on algebra.You would have to get the right answer to bet higher and win higher.
Here Is The Link To The Game.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

DLO-Maths Word Problems

Prototec 9/2/2018

Name:Marco Date:9/2/2018

For this prototec I think I got a good score because usually I get a 24 or lower but I think I am getting a bit better on prototec.On stage 7 I got 100 percentage but I was inspecting like a 34 or something like that.But I think im am getting good and I think if I try harder then I might get a higher score.