Friday, 23 June 2017

Change Matariki To Queens Birthday

Name:Marco Date:20/6/2017

Since 1954 New Zealand has been celebrating Queen's Birthday on the first Monday of June.

I know of no official celebrations that are held for this and I see no way that it enhances our culture. I mean no disrespect to her Highness Queen Elizabeth the second when I suggest we change this holiday to one that has some people here in New Zealand. I

if we were to switch it to be Matariki, we would help equalize the balance of holidays in our year. Meaning the long period between Easter and Labour weekend with no holidays.

True prior to European arrival the Maori had no public holidays in place however Matariki was celebrated by various tribes at different times in the winter, depending on the cycle of the moon. Some it was the full moon others it was the new moon.

If you want to see which stars to look for just take a look on the badge of a Subaru car.

Back to the point. So at this stage I'm suggesting that instead of celebrating the Queen's birthday on a date that isn't even her birthday let's celebrate Matariki and grow our culture and traditions.

DLO Parts of a speach

Figuratibe language

Name:Marco Date:9/6/2017

1.Sandy is lazy:False
She is prompt and diligent:false
She can be relied on to act quickly:true
She puts off doing things:true

2.Charle is being deceitful:false
He wishes to mislead others:true
He is making no secret of his actions:false
He doesn't mind who knows what he is going to do next:true

3.Moana lets not know her inner feeling:True
She paraders her emotions:False
She keeps her hands and affection secret:fales
She opens her heart to anyone who will listen:True

4.Mr Allen is wildy extravagant:true
He lives with his means:true
He spends recklessly:false
He orders more than he can pay for:true

Worksheet 2


A rusty hinge on a farm gate:creak
Walking on snow:woosh
The sound of a car braking hard:Screech
The sound of thunder:Rumble
An out of tune guitar:Twang
Waves hitting rocks:crunch
Sound bees:drone
Sound of a skateboard:lapping

Worksheet 3
He Dropped like a stone when the forward ran into him:Simile
You sly old fox.terry:Simile
He laughed like a hyena:Metaphor
He broke my heart:Simile
This is as old as the hills:metaphor
My feet feel like lead:simile
The tent as a sky of green:metaphor
Mum is as soft as butter:metaphor
John as a lion on the field:simile

2.The life is hanging by a thread:Metaphorical
The button on my jacket is hanging by a thread:Metaphorical
We wrung a confession from the thief:
We wrung the dish cloth and hung it up to dry:



Name:Marco Date:13.6.17

Where is he?
The park

What season is it?

What holiday is it?

How does he feels

Why does he feel this way?
Because someone stole something of him.
What will happen next?
He will not stop crying until someone give his toy back all he will just stop.

Matariki poams

Image result for matariki
Matariki is from space, It’s the maori new year’s grace, Although it’s always outta place, But it always leaves a trace.Matariki is a time to prepare to learn to share ideas and to celebrate the future.Matariki is a celebration of culture language and spirits and people

Friday, 2 June 2017


The goal is my house
And you are not welcome here
You dream of scoring goals
I’m your dream killer.
Are you really trying?
No I am just that good
The post is my best friend.
If at first you don’t succeed
It's because of me.
Not just a position…..An obsession